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The world's greatest under achiever, Hank Zipzer star of a 29 book series has grappled with dyslexia since childhood. When asked the question from his Costco connection. " If you could go back in time as you are now, and talk to your child self, what would you say?"  Answer: " One thing I would say is relax: The anticipatory fear of am I going to make it, what will happen, how am I going to make this happen, so on and so forth, is worse than the actual doing, The actual putting on foot in front of the other. You don't know what you can accomplish until you just try. We are willing to talk ourselves out of things. You can move yourself, through action, into things that you didn't know you could do. 

Joy Harjo: "Only the Indian people are original people of America. Ours roots are buried deep in the soils of America. Every tribe has a trail of tears. We wonder when it is going to end." Consider the animals like the American Indians: 


 A panther poised in the cypress tree about to jump is a

panther poised in a cypress tree about to jump.

The panther a poem of fire green eyes and a heart change

by four winds of four directions. 

Th panther hears everything in the dark: the unspoken

tears of a few hundred human years, storms that will breathe

what has broken his world, a bluebird swaying on a branch

few miles away. 

He hears the death song of his approaching prey:

I will always love you, sunrise.

I belong to the black cat with fire green eyes. 

There, in the cypress tree near the morning star. 


Feel soothing vitality flowing toward you as you go inside yourself and join the place as you are inspired while you see the beauty of nature and listen​.  The most  important mental dynamic is the relationship between  your thinking and the way you feel; it is a point-to-point one. In order to experience a feeling, you must have a thought first.  Choose wisely.  Dream Big.  Think Big.  "Peel your own image from the mirror - sit, feast, on your life" (D. Walcott)  Set a goal. "The secret  to  getting ahead is getting started"  (Mark Twain) "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" (C. S. Lewis)  Seek a Leonardo da Vinci inspiring capacious vision for answers to curious questions such as "Where is the soul?"  "How do the branches of a tree compare with the thickness of its trunk?" and "Describe the cause of Laughter."  There is something tremendously liberating and exciting about the mind working in this incredibly broad way.

"A Refuge in the Smallest of Places"   -- Joy Harjo

     For Emily Dickinson, one of the singers,

    And for all who those fleeing on those ancient   

    migration trails north, for home.


Someone sang for me and no one else could hear it

Now I am here in the timeless room of lost poetry

Gathering up the destroyed and forgotten

Because of the songs someone sang that no one else could hear.

But me.


Emily Dickinson said that poetry tells the truth "slant"--indirectly, through its unique idiom of image and sound.  This is especially true when we have a relationship with a poem and approach it thoughtfully with an openness to the space of play the poem

opens to us.


Emily Dickinson

I'm Nobody! Who are you?

Are you - Nobody - too?

Then there's pair of us!

Don't tell! they'd advertise- you know!

How dreary - to be -Somebody!

How public - like a Frog -

To tell one's name - the livelong June -

To an admiring Bog!

Book: "An American Sunrise"  (children's version: "Reading Xpress with OK Reading")

Poems Joy Harjo

Comments of

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Relaxation Stretch --- Poetry in Motion) 

on Mindfulness

(MIT Medical)

The place of meditation in our 24/7 connectivity important for coming to our senses with awareness and attention is his topic for seminars.  He illustrates his findings through the work of the poet Emily Dickenson, in which you are asked to “listen with your bones” or whole being.  "Dwell in possibility -- the wonderful world of poetry."



Me, from myself to banish had I art, impregnable my fortress until I find.  But since myself assaults me.  How have I peace except by subjugating consciousness?  And since we are a mutual monarch—How this be except by abdication—me of me?

(The Mindfulness-based stress reduction -MBSR-

program used in medical centers worldwide as collected by Jon Kabat Zinn for Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness.  He presents stretching and poetry for recovery of the stress caused by the "fight-flight" response evoked with more and more frequency in modern life which is illustrated by the cat. We can release tension in our body as we "stretch with tension" as a cat does after awakening from a cat nap and smile.  Poet Emily Dickenson: "Always I have a chair for you -cat- in the smallest parlor in the world, to wit my heart")

Joy Harjo, Poet Laureate of the United States, speaks of memories sustained by music via a cosmic consciousness, a "hearteousness" of higher mind where nothing can be forgotten.  ???How do I say this so I don't forget???  Ask the poets.  Each word is a box that can be opened or closed.  Then a train of words or phrases.  All are melded by music and the need for rhythm to organize chaos, "for out of it we will be compelled to remember to bless this land...We (Indians) had something to do with the origins of blues and jazz." 

Brain waves are produced during he communication between neurons.  They are changed according to what we are feeling and doing.  We can control them and get relaxation by applying some meditation techniques.  (Psalms 55:22)

Trees That Refuse to Die

Joy Harjo:  "The ancient road the soul knows --road--may be through a family of trees."

     Visualization skills can be strengthened through focus and art.  Relaxation is key and it may be captured by thinking of playing with children.  Their imaginations know no bounds, yet they often develop little rules as they go, and this makes for surprising and delightful moments--ones that mean different things to the children than they do to us adults. (O-throw the ball I rest on stick - Matthew 6:25-26).   And play can be urgent and serious, too.  Think about professional sports.  What makes it play is not frivolity but that the medium or form creates a space separate from the rest of life and requires you to give yourself over to it,  if you really want to appreciate it.

Art as VISUALIZATION  in a quiet place allows your imagination to soar.  Control your sensations with "selective awareness." Art allows ideas to be expressed through the hands which leads to discovery. ​

Let the joy of the child artist within draw, bringing unseen life to surface consciousness.  Thrill to transmitting the energy of thought before words.

Marvel at the food art designed by kids!

 "Art is long and time is fleeting."  H. W. Longfellow  Time is a product of thought.    As art (images) in words poetry plays.  By this is meant that poetry exists in a different space than other forms of language.  Its more like a game with words than a dissertation.  More sand castle than syllogism.  That's why it doesn't make sense to read it for information. 

     Poetry is a language of the senses and gives     clarity to mental pictures.  Like concentrated attention in mindfulness, it  allows free flow of temporary ideas not the same as oneself.


     Poets like to quote a verse from the Persian poet Rumi:   Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.

             I'll meet you there."

     Rumi isn't rejecting right and wrong (though he may be questioning the kind of certainty about them that leads people to immoral actions.)  Rather, he's recognizing a space --like a baseball field--where the normal pressure of life do not apply in the same way. For poets, this is the space of play with words, their sounds and meanings, where one is not required to make one's statements conform to the normal legal and social rules.

                        "Burnt Norton" Four Quatrains

                                 by T.S. Eliot

     But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden

     The moment in the arbor where the rain beat,

     The moment in the draughty church at smokefall

      Be remembered; involved with past and future.

      Only through time time is conquered.

        Ridiculous the waste sad time

         Stretching  before, and after,

         Time past and time future

         Allow but a little consciousness

         To be conscious is not to be in time....;


The Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nacht Hahn human psychology of  Mindfulness is extolled by Dr. Maria Montessori for normalization of children in classrooms,  "We have seen the phenomenon in children.  It is just this upon which everything is based."