Poetry and Lit for Courage and Integrity

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear.  Courage is the foundation of integrity." --  Mark Twain

     Americans love bravery and justice - You admire courage.  Everyone does. We all love justice.  Master of the American mind was Mark Twain, whose classic Tom Sawyer does, though he gives the game away when he substitutes for justice the appearance of justice.  Ranking with Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, and poet Homer Mark Twain displays the essence of the whole American regime from the Civil War on.  Aristotle said literature in poetry is generalized form of the past because you can build a whole world stronger than history as there is consonance with real things.  In his "Ethics" Aristotle, as Twain in Huck Finn, holds friendship as great explaining that only the most durable, elevated, most lasting kinds of friendship are the friendship among people who hold high things just alike. Hillsdale College  Lecture. Of America's greatest writer Hillsdale College strives to preserve Civil and Religious freedom, upon which America based her foundation.  This is best done through sound learning.  In the description of Hillsdale College core literature courses, the term literature is explained:  lit in latin is letter for the ancient word "cognate."  Now cogitate upon the literature presented for your elevation.  (M. Twain's signature found in a cave)

              Courageous Warrior

Black Belt Karate Master (Chaplain) Karen Eden Herdman

You can find courage in the face of stiff challenges - Deuteronomy 31:1-6.  Men and women of courage know their success lies with an unshakable God,

Poetry In a Nutshell -  The poem about being a Martial Artist helps readers see through her eyes to an immense world.

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By Adam Ochsner

A history of the Scot influence in the Southwest United States is "MacGregor's Lantern" by Corinne Joy Brown. a story of the cattle barons of the late 1800's in Colorado and Wyoming,

      Poetry inklings- People of Integrity:

Integrity is not the absence of failure; it is the presence of God in the redeemed life.

Using positive poetry and people as role models of virtue and courage to "be what you see" -  Prominent author J. R. R. Tolkien uses poetry and nursery rhymes specifically to give England and the speakers of English an identity they had not known before.  In the famed trilogy "Fellowship of the Rings" he uses them for driving off fear and instilling courage.  Missy, Karate Cat, is most intrigued by the song in the middle earth sung by Fredo, the cat and the fiddle, when he puts on the ring. Help your kids tap into this rich cultural heritage which is explained at document click here.   (mother goose)

 (Manifesting goodness) is supported by recent neuroscience discovery that Metaphors are in association area of the somato sensory gyri of the brain in same place as touch and pain. "It is most wise to fill our minds with as many graphic images as possible, Psalm 18:2, to control with "selective awareness."

The visual-spatial learner has English presented in the manner most endearing to him here -- great for ESL  Click Here to Learn English in 10 Minutes

Mind-body trainings are beginnings of balance, for the individual, the brain hemispheres, and the East-West perspectives on life.  Missy, Karate Cat, hopes they can be foundational for growth in Tai Chi and finally Karate or other trainings.   The energy of earth takes another leap of conservation-- in people-- as they get brains balanced with cross-brain training through various techniques at this site. Brain plasticity - thinking through movement- develops along with the body energy of self-control  through the martial arts under the inspiration for the O l geometry of the heavens (Psalms 139:14) as demonstrated by 6th Degree Karate Black Belt Master Karen Eden Herdman.  She pioneered the victory of mind-body-spirit blend as a Chaplain and Inspirational journalist at the Eden Assignment, where she has been inspiring readers for over 20 years. A broadcast news journalist by trade, her ability to take every day occurrences and turn them into inspirational lessons started in the martial arts industry, which coined her the title "Master Karen...Master of Inspiration." She has since published 4 books, writes 2 monthly columns....and has appeared on 6 magazine covers.She has also created two product lines which have sold successfully across the globe through Century Martial Arts.

     Karen often travels and speaks in public schools and Native American tribes...using her own life experience as a source of encouragement and reasoning to less fortunate young people. She is the founder of"The Blood and Fire Federation," an inner city martial arts federation that reaches young people in the most poverty-stricken and crime ridden areas of our cities. The program has since gone worldwide... with affiliates in Moldova, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Quebec.  Lack of self worth at root of crime and poor choice by Chaplain Karen Eden Herdman

Encouragement by Karen-Blog-talk


“Courage and Nobleness”

Adam Ochsner


Barbara Frietchie of ninety years

        Risked her life in Frederick town;

When she raised her country’s flag again

        After the rebels shot it down.


Stonewall Jackson, the rebel leader,

       With respect on the heroine gazed;

The noble hero admired her courage,

       So both the lady and the flag he saved.


The noble soldier will mercy show

     To his foe when he has him down;

The coward mistreats his fallen foe,

     And looks down on him with a frown.


Cynthia Ann Parker

Adam Ochsner


Cynthia Parker, Cynthia Ann,

     Child of the frontier days;

Her father died by the Redman’s hand

     Who hated Cynthia’s race.


Captured in that bloody raid,

     With golden hair and eyes of blue,

She was then a girl of nine;

     To her captors she stayed true.


Chief Nakona took her for wife,

     Children to him she bore;

A happy mother she was then,

     Loved Indian life and lore.


Calamity struck her again

     In an ambush by the White,

She was recaptured on horseback

     Holding her babe in the ride.


Cleft from her husband and her sons,

     She died of a broken heart,

When relatives forced her to stay

     As she tried from them to part.


Quanah was Cynthia’s eldest son,

     Chief of the Comanche tribe,

He didn’t forget his mother’s end

     And fiercely fought the White.


He surrendered though, by compromise,

     And ended the bitter strife;

Took his children to the White man’s school

     To prepare for a better life.


On Roosevelt’s inaugural day,

     In nineteen hundred and five,

With chiefs Joseph and Geronimo,

He rode in the parade alive.


Preloch was Cynthia’s Indian name—

     Cleft from the White then from the Red,

She died with her babe of a broken heart,

But her name with glory met.


Short was her life, sad was her end.

Quanah, her son, sleeps by her grave.

Loved by the White, loved by the Red,

Both races mourn o’er Cynthia’s grave.


Portia – Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare


"The quality of mercy is not strain'd.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

The strength of the role of Portia has made it attractive to many notable actresses and hopefully as attractive role modeling for today’s ladies in power positions.

Despite Portia's lack of formal legal training, she wins her case by referring to the details of the exact language of the law. Her success involves prevailing on technicalities rather than the merits of the situation. She uses the tactics of what is sometimes called a Philadelphia lawyer. However, the concept of rhetoric and its abuse is also brought to light by Portia – highlighting the idea that an unjust argument may win through eloquence, loopholes and technicalities, regardless of the moral question at hand – and thus provoking the audience to consider that issue.

By Adam Ochsner


EAGLE POEM by Joy Harjo

To pray, you open your whole self

To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon

To one whole voice that is you.

And know that therew is more

That you can’t see, can’t hear

Can’t know, except in moments

Steadily growing

And in languages that aren’t always sound

But other circles of motion

Like eagle that Sunday morning

        Ginsburg Continued Career

Remember the cartoon “Tom and Jerry?” The one in which the cat is always trying to capture the mouse but fails every time?

Replace Jerry, the mouse, with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Tom with cancer and you’ll have a perfect understanding of the relationship between the two. After surviving her fourth battle with cancer, Ginsburg says she is doing “very well.”

Honorable Ginsburg


Respect and restraint called for in speech and behavior by First Lady of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "I wish I could wave a magic wand and have it go back to the way it was" referring to the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  The slander smear tactics began with Judge Robert Bork confirmation as the last episode of Watergate began the blurring of the legislative and judicial branches of government.  Female heroes in short supply not because women aren't brave but because female bravery is demeaned, no kind more than intellectual courage.  Ginsburg, a strong proponent of women's rights was and remains a scholar, an advocate, and a judge of formidable sophistication, complexity and not least, contradiction and limitation.While Ginsburg invoked the equal-protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment for sex discrimination there was controversy over this privacy issue among women.  When asked about whether the Court can or should move ahead of society Ginsburg offered a short sermon about reticence:

     "We cherish living in a democracy, and we also know that this Constitution did not create a tricameral system.  Judges must be mindful of what their place is in this system and must always remember that we live in a democracy that can be destroyed if judges take it upon themselves to rule as Platonic guardians."

Ginsburg established her own rule:  The Ginsburg precedent, a rule of restraint.  But there are very few rules left anymore, and even less restraint.