Memory and Brain Plasticity

Cat Stance of Martial Arts -  Karate Cat, Missy in famed pose.

Cat Stance and Catitude (Cat

Attitude) for best performance

Cat purr presents proper use of vocal chords and resistance breathing.

Black Belt Master (Chaplain) Karen Eden Herdman

The cerebellum in the brain controls coordination and balance.  Take a trip inside the brain to see how the mind works Click here 


Read to Relax -- Increase Your  Memory -- Sharpen your Thinking

MEMORY and Learning

Use gestures while talking

Use all your senses

Write down points you recall about a topic

Retrace your steps, physical

or mental "to find"

Tun on your back burner.

Key neurotransmitter-glutamate 

for memory and learning and autism.

Memory increases brain plasticity

and endorphins through good thoughts.

"Treat ideas like cats--make them follow you." 

Poems engage our intellect, emotions, and physical being all at the same time.  Poetry uses the metaphorical link -- carry over of idea -- by vivid image to drive its meaning home to the reader. 

      Memory, a feature of associate learning in all creatures, is physiologically the same from snail to human.  It is the simplest path to survival.   Whether you are struggling to solve a problem or can't remember a person's name, your back burner is always available to help you.  It puts our quieter, softer, and sometimes more intelligent source of thinking to work for us on issues we have no immediate answers for.  Hold the problem in your mind without actively analyzing it. This simple technique will help you solve many problems.  This will greatly reduce the stress and effort in your life.


    When you get mind with body and take care of body, you know the wonder of life. Movement is basic to learning for fight or flight in all creatures and memory is nurtured by the plasticity of the brain in human beings. 


     As such plasticity is increased by thinking about how and when to move your hands, arms and body as you breathe.  The mind-body movements in Tai Chi, taikwondo, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts teach coordination of the senses for self-control.  Colorado "Health and Wellness"  2018 features one of the world's top female fighters, Rose Namajunas, who says MMA is about feeling strong, powerful and balanced. Nicknamed "thug" she says "the key to being happy is knowing your purpose with everything you devote your time to."  Further, she states "the fight is hardly ever about the opponent.  This is the same for life."


     The Karate Cat, known as Missy, has 300 million neurons of her own which enable her famed “cat stance” and remarkably graceful and agile moves and stretches. 

      On the one hand Missy agrees with Martial Artist Morihel Meshiba that there are many paths that lead to Mt. Fuji, but Missy concludes only one is the right choice expressed by Karate Master, Chaplain, Karen Eden Herdman saying “We learn by doing the right thing.”  Since the path is a narrow one it is the path God offers us through His son, Jesus Christ, which is always open to you.  Her inspiration training at The Eden Assignment blog radio on the web can enrich your life.

      Learning new things and reading, reciting, and memorizing poetry also enhances the plasticity of the brain as the concrete sensory images are transformed into thought by free flow between the left and right brain hemispheres.

     Reductionistic culture and science has caused doubt. On the positive, there is confirmation of basic life processes to create strategic performance and produce supportive chemicals is in all creatures from the snail to humans.  All produce the feel-good chemical serotonin and all  learn from repetition to exposure (Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel’s study at Columbia University "Reductionism in Art and Brain Science" –Columbia University).  Because the human brain gets good at what it does the most, repetitive thoughts create faster and larger neural pathways in the brain much the same as nature trails in the woods become easier to follow and walk on the more people walk on them.  As the popular axiom goes “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”  The ability of the brain to change its wiring with different thought and movement patterns is known as neuroplasticity.  This quality stays with us a lifetime. Changing your thoughts takes repetition, self-love, optimism, patience, and self-discipline.  (Christiane Northrup, MD)  Thoughts and the accompanying feelings actually change the neuronal patterns in our brains.  "If you want something you have to make it happen." --Rand McClain, MD.

Coordinated mind-body movement, reading, and poetry, which turns things into thought, show humans' 500 million synapses between billions of neurons in our brains can be put to best use.

We optimize brain fitness by helping to add muscles to our thought processes.

But, one thing is certain about electrical conductivity in the brain binary system, all cognitive ability is dependent upon transmitter glutamate neurons, and especially NMDA.  Complex research summarized.

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Musical "Cats" - Memory 

Help your health and treat yourself to a top quality expose of how cats stretch and tense their muscles at the same time with human dance. Observe a cat rising from a nap and this action you can practice aiding your own range of motion and health.