First Things First

Vision from History---- A vision for victory

            RIF Reading is Fundamental

   (Stand the shoulders of forefathers to rise

                           to new heights)


First Readers in Public Schools in US: "McGuffey Reader"

Founder of Public Schools in US: Benjamin Rush, MD 

Foundations of Faith: Holy Bible 10 Commandments

A Nation that can't Read can't Think


Reborn 3 R's Repair, Restore, Reverse

    ABC of "Born again" - John 3:7


US Christian government and schools derived from Mayflower Contract, based on Biblical law.  New Englanders used text "The New England Primer" - reading with illustrations such as  "a," 'in Adam's fall we sinned all"; "b,"

"heaven to find, the Bible mind"; and

"c," "Christ crucif'd for sinners dy'd."





King David warrior spirit in midst of adversity "I am going to pursue, over take and recover" 1 Samuel 3:8

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