Brain Integration 

Video-Brain Balance

Inklings   -  Barbara Elwood

Our tool the brain

Helps light to reign

As good, clear rain

Makes things plain.

Dr. Seuss has the Rx:

“Think Left

    And think right and

Think Low

And think high, oh the


You can think up if only

     You try."

# l Karate Cat, Missy, plays baseball. O l catches ball for a home run.


Start noticing your stress early before it gets out of hand.  When you feel your mind moving too quickly, back off and regain your bearings.  If you catch yourself early, before stress gets out of control, your stress will be like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill.  When its small it can be easily controlled.  Once it gathers momentum, its difficult if not impossible to stop.  Take some deep breaths, if you  can, take a walk, if not able, follow the cross crawls and walk in place. 

Movement helps learning and the brain.  You can improve the cognitive function and memory by improving communication between the two main hemispheres of the brain.


"Brain Gym" sit-down version to create serotonin in your body do 10 arm punches out in front of the body and 10 pushes up in the air.  You will feel better!

As you lower your tolerance to stress,you will find you have less stress to handle, as well as creative ides for handling the stress that is left over.

Plasticity in the Brain so important.  Gender differences in the male and female brain explained by Dr. Caroline Leaf, Communication therapist.

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Get the joy of good energy with Olive Oil -Become centered and brain balanced where-ever you are and whenever you want.  

You will discover how a variety of problems can be solved.  More live interactions with Olive Oil to come.  "Show me, I forget.  Tell me, I remember.  Involve me and I learn."   Chinese Proverb and Ben Franklin.

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Markie in "The Reading Xpress With OK Reading"