Hand and Finger Motion

4H - HANDS TALK - They interact with energy pathways  of the body. Put hands, head, heart together for health and happiness: High Five. American Indians held up five fingers, saying "How", to differentiate themselves from 6-fingered Nephilim (fallen ones) in Bible. 

 O l  binary math shaped the math calculus for modern calculator, electric sound transmission and  internet.  Archimedes in 250 B.C. discovered the problem solving for secrets of the Universe which was developed by G. W. Leibniz in1700.  Through them came mathematics for physics and engineering.  Famed for optimism, some  verse, and truth table, mentors in reading and math can utilize
O I genius in "The Reading Xpress With OK Reading." - fast Chinese finger counting.
"Learning math can be a beautiful endeavor as well as practical as it improves critical thinking in other demains.  Excellent mathmaticians are like poets who speak in the wordless thought language of math and just like poets, great math minds approach their work with great creativity.   You can recognize the lion by its claws:  The book of nature is written in the language of math."  ( Coley Clark - Hillsdale College) Count faster than computer calculators and grab math principles of the universe with Chisembop.