Attitude is Important

"Human Kind," said the poet T. S. Eliot, "cannot bear very much reality."  We need not look far for proof of this assertion.   Real life today is what people flee, one by one, each retreating into his private distraction.

Leading the charge in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for new jobs for

humans from the disciplines of conversation communication,

humor, poetry, and empathy

(literature for conscience with consciousness) 

New Yorker, May  2018.  Remember that you become what you practice most!

Japanese cat for Haiku has famous saying from Japan. "If you can see three days into the future you will do well."  AI big with 5G self driving cars and long distance surgery as well as phones for media.

In addition to the above-suggested resources, please refer to the spiritual connections at link Best Books selecting Forum (Get Brushstrokes From Heaven) where you can gain amazing revelations and help.