American Indian Photos - Edward Curtis

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Land of the Midnight Sun (Alaska) and Chief Joseph from the Cherokees visited by Christian Minister Henry Gruver 

Famed instruction to the Toltec Indians of Mexico was summed up in best-selling novel "The Four Agreements."  The principles outlined in this classic work are now related to the book of Genesis by Pastor Haroun Cowans at Beth Abraham Messianic Congregation in Denver, CO.  Contact him at the link to Forum (Link--Get brush strokes from Heaven) for his instructions from Torah, the foundation of Western Civilization.  oalistorical novelist, Corinne Joy Brown in "Hidden Star" pays homage to all who question their past and yearn for a truth stolen and invisible for centuries  Many of the Spanish colonial settlers in the American southwest who were New Christians, or conversos, were also known as hidden, or crypto-Jews. A compelling story stemming from the sephardic jews of Spain and Portugal from the 5th Century BC results in an awakening to a new reality of who the characters are today.

Western Poems And Others Adam Ochsner

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Representing the Lakota culture that’s deeply rooted throughout South Dakota, a land celebrating many area pow wows, is Dignity of Earth and Sky, a 50-foot-tall steel statue) welcoming visitors since 2016.  She holds a prairie star quilt in her outstretched arms, its 128 individual diamonds rippling in the wind.  Her location puts her at the geographical midpoint between South Dakota’s “East River” (fertile, flat farmlands) and “West River” (rolling bluffs and ranch lands) along the state’s segment of the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Throughout South Dakota can be found serene solitude and a welcome sense of timelessness.  The state includes nine reservations and more than 71,000 Native Americans.  On the campus of the St. Joseph Indian School, the museum’s poignant exhibits highlight a deep respect for elders and tight-knit families; artistry and storytelling through various art forms.  By honoring these values current America may recapture its very soul once more.

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