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"The time to fix the roof when the sun is shining."--John Kennedy -- here at 01 is a hands-on approach to brain health beginning with activities for youth that also help the elders derived from the findings of brain neurologists in functional medicine. Equipping you for the task:  Sharpen skills, give lessons, reach the challenged with the Bible and "The Reading Xpress With OK Reading."

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In this site you will find ways to deal with the current state of affairs and your health.



With a few simple hand signs and basic shapes everyone can learn to read and increase their enjoyment of the world.

When you "Let go and let God" your life will begin to flow.

"Take a look at God's wonders--They'll take your breath away.  Psalms 66:5

 Homeschooling Resources

A call and Response -- Poet Joy Harjo

There will be no balance without all voices present in the present Circle.

We are making our grandchildren's world with our words.  We perceive a world with our words.  We perceive a world in which everyone sits at the table together, with enough for everyone.

"We will make this country great again."